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A society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing importance of the 92 historic (or traditional) Counties of the United Kingdom.

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Changes to Commenting

Regular users of the ABC website ( will be familiar with the comment forms at the bottom of posts. Unfortunately the spammers are all to familiar with them too. This has lead to a review of discussion facilities on the ABC Website.


The changes currently only affect the main ABC website ( Other websites (such as the ABC Flag Blog and County-Wise) have their own arrangements which may change in the future.

What is changing?

Comment forms on posts (including this one) have been replaced by topics from the Forums. Existing comment threads have been integrated into the forms too. The forum topic will appear at the bottom of the post and in the Forums too. As required before, you will need to log-in to post to the Forums. First posts to the Forums will still need to be moderated, but subsequent posts (from the same account) will not normally require moderation.

How can I log-in to participate?

You can log-in with your existing account or:

  • register a new account on
  • log-in via your social network:
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo
    • LinkedIn

What improvements will there be?

  • Comment threads will not disappear into obscurity on long-gone posts. They can now be found on the Forums.
  • All discussion facilities are now available in one place and the Forums discussions on are more ‘fresh’.
  • The moderation of first posts to comments was not readily apparent which lead to duplicate submissions and confusion to users. New topics will include an introduction explaining log-in and moderation details.
  • Topics can be organised into appropriate sub-forums at a later date.
  • Users can subscribe to and ‘favourite’ topics.


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