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ABC Member Andy Stangeway has met with success in getting Tesco to display the historic boundaries of Yorkshire on their local sourcing map. Writing on the ABC Blog, Andy says:

The following news release from Tesco illustrates how Yorkshire’s cultural heritage is being eroded yet most Yorkshire folk are unaware of the issue. We applaud Tesco for their actions.

Tesco has added a clarification to the Local Sourcing map of Yorkshire installed in stores to make clear that the map boundaries are indicative of the region.

For years Tesco has displayed maps in over 15 of the larger stores across Yorkshire to show customers what products are sourced from local suppliers in the area. Last year a customer identified that the image on the board did not represent the map of Yorkshire. Andy Strangeway, a campaigner for Yorkshire’s cultural heritage, contacted Tesco to request that the maps be reviewed.

Tesco sought advice from map makers and from government bodies to try and identify the definitive boundary lines of Yorkshire. The conclusion was that of the councils who administer Yorkshire, some are contained fully within the boundary of Yorkshire whereas others straddle the Yorkshire boundary.

The team at Tesco were determined not to cause offence so following further advice from Mr Strangeway about how to solve the problem, stickers have been added to the maps across the county to explain the map image is indicative only.

Customer and campaigner for Yorkshire’s cultural heritage, Andy Strangeway, and Deputy Store Manager, Adam Wragg, beside the updated Yorkshire map at Clifton Moor Tesco Extra store.

Deborah Hayeems, Corporate Affairs Manager said, “The Yorkshire maps went up in response to customers who wanted to know more about the products we source locally. I’m a Yorkshire lass myself but I had no idea the boundaries were so complicated. To avoid causing offence to anyone we have added clarification to our maps and we are grateful to Mr Strangeway for his patience and advice to help us get this right.”

Andy Strangeway said, “I believe Tesco should be applauded for the manner in which they have handled this issue. They have gone out of their way to understand that which is the essence of Yorkshire’s cultural heritage, the Yorkshire boundary. I invite other organisations to now show their commitment to Yorkshire’s cultural heritage by following Tesco’s lead.”

Image credits: Andy Strangeway.

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