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Westmorland Dales sign near Maulds

Westmorland Dales Day July 29th 2018

The extension in 2016 of the Yorkshire Dales National Park into a large area of Westmorland (and a small area of Lancashire) was controversial at the time, with many fearing the imposition of a “Yorkshire Dales” identity on areas not in Yorkshire. Happily, the national park authorities adopted ABC’s suggestion that the name “Westmorland Dales” should be formally used to describe the new area. This has been a huge boost to the Westmorland identity of this beautiful part of our country. The area is now extensively promoted to tourists as Westmorland Dales. A set of Westmorland Dales signs has been erected around the boundaries to the area.

Local people have enthusiastically supported the new name. This has culminated in July 29th being designated  Westmorland Dales Day with a full day of events centred in Kirkby Stephen. The day will feature inspirational guest speakers; a day of creative play at the riverside with Kirkby Stephen Community Arts, Stomping Ground and Eden Rivers Trust; the Westmorland Dales Run; 24-mile cycle tour of the area; steam train journeys; guided walks, history tours and much more.  It promises to be a wonderful celebration of the Westmorland Dales and a further  confirmation and celebration of the importance of the county of Westmorland to its people.


5 thoughts on “Westmorland Dales Day July 29th 2018

  • It is such a crying shame that people in that region have embraced ‘Cumbria’ to such an extent that they almost poke fun back at their traditional counties. People in Kendal always refer to themselves as Cumbria and have bought the pup sold to them by the then Government in 1974. Sedbergh is pro-Cumbria and has completely turned its back on Yorkshire (the polar opposite of Hull/Beverley/Bridlington who hated Humberside).
    I personally detest the word Cumbria, it sounds fake. I use Lancashire, Westmorland or Cumberland as appropriate. People too who live in what is now Greater Manchester but say they are for example from Bury in Lancashire then enthusiastically talk of going to Cumbria for a day out. Such a sad paradox.

  • It’s good, but you follow the link to Westmorland Dales Day and they have their address as Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

  • To be fair, Cumbria does have a bit more history behind it than places like Humberside or Avon ever did. It was an actual kingdom at one point in the Dark Ages encompassing most of what became Cumberland and Westmorland plus Lancashire North of the Sands.

    If you look through history you often see old maps which group Cumberland and Westmorland together on the same page rather than individual plates for each county, plus a fair few organisations and events seem to be arranged along joint lines (Cumberland & Westmorland Archaeological Society, Cumberland & Westmorland Herald newspaper, Cumberland & Westmorland Annual Sports events, etc.) I personally think the two counties have something of a shared identity (possibly going back to the old kingdom).

  • I am a passionate believer in traditional county boundaries and promoting their true identity.
    I am a Lancastrian and personally loathe and detest the expression greater manchester.the mis informed media continually name check greater manchester (said through gritted teeth),as a county.”let’s cross the boundary and join our greater manchester reporter in wigan” – is a typical regional news report you can expect from these mis informed conformists – makes my blood boil,I can tell you!!!

  • West Riding calling! How I empathise with you about misnamed areas of our respective Counties. To call North Yorkshire a County is a travesty of the Ancient Ridings. Those still using East Riding forget it must have the West and North to mean anything. While South Yorkshire, to me anyway, is in a book and nowhere else.

    On a lighter side I wonder how many Yorkshire folk realise the Manor of Ilkley was once owned by a Lancastrian long before the Middletons became Lords of the Manor.

    And I do believe Harrogate Stray is owned by The Duchy of Lancaster. Check that one please.

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