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A society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing importance of the 92 historic (or traditional) Counties of the United Kingdom.

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Historic County Flags Day Flyer

Historic County Flags Day – 23 July

The Association of British Counties

cordially invites you to celebrate the inaugural

Historic County Flags Day

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

and thereafter annually.

Historic County Flags Day 2014

Historic County Flags Day is Wednesday 23rd July 2014. This is the inaugural County Flags Day when the population of Great Britain celebrate the nation’s historic counties through the flying of Flags. #CountyFlagsDay – Colour Your County!

See the Historic County Flags Day website for further details…

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2 thoughts on “Historic County Flags Day – 23 July

  • In relation to your Google search results and “popular opinion”, is this equivalent in any way to going round “Bournemouth” and asking people – what county are we in?

    Again, AOL Search throws up about 4.6 million for Dorset and 3.9 for Hampshire. But isn’t AOL, just like Google, a reflection of media and search engines following ceremonial counties, which places Bournemouth in Dorset?

    If we went round the town – the part that was historically in Hampshire – and said what county are you in, or asked people with an affiliation to that part of town, what county is it in, what would they say? You could also ask – what does it matter?

    Let’s go wikipedia (second listing on Google for “Bournemouth”).

    “Bournemouth…largest settlement in Dorset.” Who writes this stuff?

    More: “Historically part of Hampshire, it joined Dorset with the reorganisation of local government in 1974. Since 1997, the town has been administered by a unitary authority, giving it autonomy from Dorset County Council, although it remains however part of the ceremonial county. The local council is Bournemouth Borough Council.”

    Putting it more simply, what county is Bournemouth in? Can we have a simple, one word, answer? Shouldn’t we have such a simple answer? Is there anybody in the county capable of giving such a simple answer?

    * What county is Bournemouth in? What do we say? What do we plump for?


    I understand there might be a slight overlap between “Bournemouth” and historic Dorset. I understood your point about address perhaps being in Dorset, but it’s not just about this “part west of the A347” but basically the whole town, centering principally on the town centre and, from the ABC Gazetteer map, at least 60-70% of what is demonstrably Bournemouth.

    I am somewhat surprised at you saying we should not support the idea that the ceremonial counties are the real ones, from your earlier comment about flying Dorset flags etc – I apologise. But why not support the idea that ceremonial counties are the real ones?

    Is most of Bournemouth in Hampshire – how do we define that? If we should make it known that it is in Hampshire, as you suggest, then how can we do that?


    You say “almost” on the “proper version” of the original flag?

    I agree that there should be a single unified design. How can we all agree on that one?

    As a final point, wouldn’t it have been better to have a historic county day, rather than a historic county flags day?

  • With regards to my green and blue proposal, if you contact they will have this on file and the quality of the finished flag is excellent. Or, if need be, I can email you the design.
    As for getting behind one design, are county flags by the people, for the people? In which case, would it not be better and fairer to hold a competition as has been done in various other counties? Much as I enjoy this debate on this forum, I wonder if it is not inclusive of enough Hampshire hogs.

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