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Suffolk flag registered.

The Flag Institute has today added the flag of Suffolk to its registry. A banner of the traditional arms of Saint Edmund, the county’s patron saint, the Flag Institute agreed to register the design in September 2017, following its display

by Suffolk County Council on the inaugural “Suffolk Day”, June 21st 2017 and a subsequent request for its registration by twenty-one county organisations.

Edmund, the last King of East Anglia, was reportedly murdered by the Danes in the year 870, his traditional arms

reflect his kingship and the manner of his death.

The emblem is found across the county and is much used by organisations across it, including Framlingham College;


Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History;


he towns of Beccles;


and Southwold;


the county’s carpet bowls association;


a local branch of the Women’s Institute;


and the local school’s athletic association

who also displays a banner with the device


The device can be found on old county maps


Suffolk Univ Mag 001 copy


appeared on M.R. James’s 1930 guide to Norfolk and Suffolk

and is much used by Suffolk Scouts




Saint Edmundsbury Cathedral promoted the county day with a map of Suffolk in the colours and theme of the Saint Edmund arms

on the day itself, it was seen in use by the Ipswich Building Society


The Saint Edmund banner has also been deployed by fans of Stowmarket Town


Acknowledging this widespread usage of the Saint Edmund banner, the Flag Institute agreed to register the reworked design


2 thoughts on “Suffolk flag registered.

  • What is the ‘official’ flag for Suffolk, please? There seems to be more than one option. Does the news from the Flag Institute now mean that this is the one that should be used from now on?

    Hope you can help.

  • The St Edmund’s crown and arrows flag with the blue background depicted above is the registered county flag. You can also find it on the Flag Institute’s website, if there is any confusion.

    For some time there was an alternative proposal which had St Edmund’s device planted over a St George’s cross (i.e. the English flag), but this could not be registered as it was too similar to the East Anglian regional flag. The problem is that unless a flag has been caught by the wind, subtle differences are difficult to tell apart.

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