What Can I Do?

5 Simple Steps

The aim of Historic County Flags Day is to get as many county flags flying across Great Britain as possible on one day, Wednesday 23rd July 2014. You can literally Colour Your County! by following 5 simple steps…

County Flags Map Photos Small

  1. Find out which Historic County you live in, using and searching this simple Map.
  2. See if your Historic County has a Flag using the Flag Institute’s UK Flag Registry.
  3. Purchase your County’s flag online. These cost around £5 each!
  4. Take a photo of your flag proudly on display or flying.
  5. Use the hashtag #CountyFlagsDay on your photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively you can email your picture to us at countyflagsday@abcounties.com.


What if my County doesn’t have a flag?


Design a flag for your county and send it in via the same means. Refer to the Flag Institute’s Guidelines on good flag design for help.


Have a look at some proposed flag designs on the Association of British Counties’ Flags Blog, and again send it in via the same means.