Surrey Flag- 28 Surrey Flags

Twenty-eight Surrey gold and blue checkered flags were sent off to various Surrey groups and councils today for Historic County Flags Day, funded by the Association of British Counties.

surrey flags parcel

There currently isn’t a Surrey county flag. However, we did not want this to stop the people of Surrey from being involved in Historic County Flags Day.

The flags distributed across Surrey is the design proposed by The Association of British Counties. For the history and background of this proposed Surrey county flag, please see the Surrey Flag section on the Association of British Counties’ Flags Blog. Also, please checkout the Surrey Flag Facebook Page.


If you like this proposal or have one of your own, we would still like to see Surrey represented on Historic County Flags Day!

Use the hashtag #CountyFlagsDay on your photo/image on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively you can email us your picture to

Colour in Surrey!

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