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Proposed Sutherland flag competition gains support

In April 2017, just over a year after its neighbour Caithness registered its own county flag, several interested parties met to initiate a county flag competition for Sutherland. The gathering, which took place at the former Sutherland District Council chamber, above the public library in Dornoch, … Continue reading

20 April 2017 21 April 2017 3 responses

Bridgend procession.

In 2013 ABC cooperated with the county history society to secure Glamorgan its county flag. This year we were contacted by the organisers of the 2017 Eisteddfod to be held in Bridgend in the county for help in supplying county flags for the event. We were … Continue reading

Kirkcudbrightshire adopts a new flag.

The county of Kirkcudbrightshire has adopted a new flag, becoming the fourth Scottish county to do so. The design was created by Philip Tibbetts, supported by the county’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Malcolm Ross, seen here with the new flag and duly registered by both the Lord Lyon, … Continue reading

12 June 2016 one response

Staffordshire County Flag

Design supported by the Staffordshire Heritage Group wins the vote for the new Staffordshire flag. Continue reading

28 March 2016 3 May 2016 start the discussion

New Caithness Flag

The new flag of our northernmost county, Caithness, has been revealed at a ceremony attended by Scotland’s highest heraldic authority, the Lord Lyon and various civic dignitaries. The ceremony may be viewed here  

27 January 2016 1 February 2016 start the discussion

Rutland Flag Registered

A new county flag registered. Following research by ABC and approaches to the Rutland High Sheriff, the local council has released its armorial banner for public use and the design has now been registered by the Flag Institute as the county flag of Rutland. Read more … Continue reading

17 November 2015 21 November 2015 start the discussion

Caithness flag competition reaches voting stage.

The Caithness flag competition has now reached voting stage. The competition attracted 327 entries and is a joint venture between the Highland Council, Caithness community councillors, the local newspaper The John O’Groats Journal and the Flag Institute, sanctioned by the chief Scottish heraldic authority, the Lord Lyon. … Continue reading

20 June 2015 21 June 2015 start the discussion

Flintshire county flag registered.

The Flag Institute has announced that the county flag of Flintshire is to be added to the registry. Flintshire becomes the seventh Welsh county to acquire a registered flag. Congratulations to the group who campaigned for their county to secure a flag of its own.

24 February 2015 25 February 2015 start the discussion

A county flag for Caithness.

The county of Caithness has launched its county flag competition, sanctioned by the Lord Lyon, Scotland’s Chief heraldic authority. More details here

23 February 2015 25 February 2015 start the discussion

New Cambridgeshire Flag.

The long awaited winner of the Cambridgeshire county flag competition was announced on Sunday February 1st. The winning design was created by ABC member Brady Ells, who had previously enjoyed a similar success in neighbouring Northamptonshire and had secured registration of the traditional gold martlets … Continue reading

1 February 2015 2 February 2015 start the discussion

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