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A society dedicated to celebrating and promoting the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom and the important part they play in our culture, heritage and geography.


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Bedfordshire Day 28th Nov 2022

Bedfordshire Day is celebrated each year on 28th November, the birthday of John Bunyan. The county day is promoted by our friends at The Friends of Bedfordshire Society. We present our Portrait of Bedfordshire and some photos from the day’s celebrations.

28 November 2022 4 responses

Lincolnshire Day 1st Oct 2022

Lincolnshire Day is celebrated each year on 1st October. It has grown to become one of the most widely celebrated of all county days. We present our Portrait of Lincolnshire and some photos from today’s celebrations. Details about the Lincolnshire Flag can be found at … Continue reading

1 October 2022 one response

Celebrating the Historic Counties:  Westmorland and Furness Council  

In this article we propose ways in which the new Westmorland and Furness Council can celebrate the historic counties in its area in line with the UK Government guidance Celebrating the Historic Counties of England. This guidance recommends that councils celebrate the importance of the … Continue reading

28 September 2022 6 responses

Derbyshire Day – 22nd September 2022

Derbyshire Day is celebrated each September 22nd, the date on which the Derbyshire flag was launched. In celebration we present our Portrait of Derbyshire , our Map of Derbyshire and some photos from the celebrations on 22nd September 2022.

26 September 2022 3 responses

Yorkshire Day 1st August 2022

Yorkshire Day, held annually on 1st August, was created by the Yorkshire Ridings Society in 1975 as a celebration of the county. It has grown to become a huge event, both within the county and for Yorkshire men and women throughout the world. Yorkshire Day 2022 proved … Continue reading

Norfolk Day 27th July 2022

Norfolk Day is celebrated each year on 27th July. In celebration of the day we present our Portrait of Norfolk and some pictures from across the county on Norfolk Day 2022.

Historic County Flags Day 23rd July 2022

Historic County Flags Day is celebrated every 23rd July. It’s a day to fly your county’s flag and to celebrate your county and all the counties. This year the Government has flown the 52 historic county flags registered with the Flag Institute in Parliament Square … Continue reading

23 July 2022 27 July 2022 start the discussion

County flags fly in Parliament Square for Historic County Flags Day

Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Levelling-Up, Housing and Communities, has confirmed that the county flags will fly in Parliament Square Gardens from Tues 19th July – Sun 24th July 2022 in celebration of Historic County Flags Day (Sat 23rd July 2022). Our thanks to … Continue reading

19 July 2022 3 responses

Northumberland – a County Portrait

Northumberland, a maritime county in the far north-east of England, is a county of contrasts. Much of the county comprises richly dramatic scenery, from the open coast to the wild interior. Half of the county is mountain or moorland. Along the jagged and stony North … Continue reading

Surrey Day – 7th May 2022

Surrey Day in 2022 is being celebrated on Saturday 7th May. In celebration we present below our Portrait of Surrey and a Map of Surrey. Whereas most county days have a fixed date, usually reflecting an important date in that county’s history, Surrey Day is … Continue reading

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