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A society dedicated to celebrating and promoting the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom and the important part they play in our culture, heritage and geography.


Our Counties – The ABC Magazine

The Association of British Counties publishes a magazine as it has done for much of  its existence. Now an annual full-colour publication, Our Counties is a much-awaited arrival  in our members’ post.

Our Counties

 The Association of British Counties Annual

Published every April

Submissions welcome for 2017…

…by 10 March 2017

Back Issues

The most recent issue is made available on-line in the autumn. Please contact the editor for enquiries relating to issues which are not available here.

Our Counties – 2016

  • coming soon…

Our Counties – 2015

  • Flag and County News
  • The Historic Counties Convention 2014 – Peter Boyce
  • Discovering the True Historic County Tops – Gerry Bowes
  • Notes on Northern Ireland – Rupert Barnes
  • Leap-frogging with the National Trust – Michael Bradford
  • All Is Not Lost – Mari Foster
  • Wikishire’s New Horizons – Rupert Barnes
  • Legendary Creatures of Argyllshire’s Folklore – Mari Foster

Our Counties 2014Our Counties – 2014

  • Notes from the Chairman
  • Flag and County News
  • A Bishop for Essex: 100 Years of the Diocese of Chelmsford – Graham Gould
  • In Pursuit of Swanton Morley: A Journey through the Counties of England – one Mystery at a Time – Michael Garber
  • Dorking, the Downs and the Somme – Rupert Barnes
  • Seeking the Soul of Essex – Peter Aylmer
  • In Memoriam: Roy Bardsley – Saddleworth White Rose Society

Our Counties – 2013ABC_2013_Cover

  • The Great Untitled – Matthew Engel
  • The Historic Counties: our Heritage, Present and Future – Michael Garber
  • In Memoriam: Hilary Holt, ABC Committee Member
  • Cricket and the Counties – Mari Foster
  • The Milestone Society
  • Sussex Boundary Stones – Rupert Barnes
  • Just the Ticket: Reflections on Lancashire’s Buses – Stephen Caunce
  • How to Rename a Mountain – Rupert Barnes

Our Counties – 2012

  • County Identity in Relation to National Identity – Philip S Tibbetts
  • Marking the Four Extreme Points of Lancashire – Chris Dawson
  • Protecting Boundary Signs – Rupert Barnes
  • Fighting for the True East Riding
  • Scotland’s Far North: Ross-shire, Sutherland, Caithness and Orkney – Mari Foster
  • Andy Strangeway’s Extreme Yorkshire Adventure – Andy Stangeway
  • The Flight of the Sussex Martlets – Brady Ells

The Counties – Spring 2011

  • Huntingdonshire’s New Flag – Rupert Barnes
  • The Birth of the Welsh Counties – Mari Foster
  • Flying the Flag – Jason Saber
  • County Name Origins

The Counties – Autumn 2010ABC_2010_Autumn_cover

  • The Westmorland Association
  • Postal Counties Saga Continues
  • The Not-Shires – Rupert Barnes
  • Welcome to Wikishire – Rupert Barnes
  • Towards a Sustainable Geography – Peter Boyce
  • County Football Derbies – Mari Foster
  • County Flags to Fly

The Counties – Spring 2010

  • The County of Westmorland – Michael Bradford
  • Traversing the Counties
  • The Counties as Rexorded in the Domesday Book – Mari Foster
  • A View of Oxfordshire – Edward Keene

The Counties – Autumn 2009

  • News from the Counties
  • Hampshire – a Short History

The Counties – Spring 2009

  • The Development of County Flags: The Perrin Lecture 2008 – Rupert Barnes
  • County Portrait: Monmouthshire – Andrew Hawley

Contribute to Our Counties and the Bulletin

We are always on the look-out for items for our magazine, Our Counties, and the Autumn Bulletin.

To this end we have devised the following framework to describe what we are looking for and to assure you that (almost) nothing is too short or inconsequential:

  • photos of the counties,
  • snippets – short impressions, bits of news and county facts,
  • short articles around 500 words,
  • and longer articles.

Any of the above may take the form of news, notices and reports of county events, information and reflections on the counties, county facts, or anything else associated with the counties.

We would like you to send these in at any time of the year, and news is particularly useful to add to our website too.

Please send your contributions to: Thank you.

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