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Map of Cambridgeshire - Courtesy of Wikishire

Cambridgeshire County Flag Competition

County campaigner Andy Strangeway has launched a competition to establish a flag for Cambridgeshire.

Andy says:

In recent years the UK celebrated both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, two major flag waving occasions. Flags are an ancient art form, developed especially to clearly display allegiance and identity. They have subsequently become the premier medium for expressing social pride. Indeed it is difficult to imagine events as diverse as sports matches, military parades or musical festivals without a wide range of flags being flown.

A flag for Cambridgeshire will be a free, public symbol for all to use that will:

  • Raise recognition and awareness of Cambridgeshire
  • Express the pride in our local community
  • Celebrate the heritage and culture of our corner of the country

Submissions are welcome and should be received by 8 June 2014, with the vote being held from 23 June 2014.

Further details can be found on Andy’s blog:

Map of Cambridgeshire - Courtesy of Wikishire
Map of Cambridgeshire – Courtesy of Wikishire

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