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Tuesday 24th September is the day to celebrate everything we love about the magnificent historic county of Cumberland.

From Millom to Longtown, from Whitehaven to Penrith, from the top of Scafell Pike to the shores of Derwentwater, it is a day to celebrate the extraordinary people and spectacular coastline and countryside of this most beautiful of our shires. Cumberland’s wild landscape of fells and dales sliced through by shining lakes, has provided inspiration for generations of artists, writers and musicians. We can only love it.

Cumberland Flag in Maryport

The date marks the baptism of renowned local figure, John Peel, born at Park End, near Caldbeck, in 1776 or 1777, and immortalised in the popular song.

The Cumberland Flag was officially registered on December 13th 2012. The design, a re-working of the banner of arms of the former Cumberland County Council, symbolises the coastline and famous lakes with the blue and white wavy lines, whilst the green upper half with Grass-of-Parnassus flowers recalls the marshy up-lands and fertile plains of the county.

Cumberland Flag on the Cumberland / Westmorland Border

A county day is a day to fly the flag and to host social, sporting and cultural events to celebrate the county. If there is a charity dimension to these events then so much the better. Share news of events, and your thoughts and photos of Cumberland via #CumberlandDay. No need to feel left out if you live over the border in Westmorland – #WestmorlandDay is September 29th!

Cumberland and Westmorland flags in Ambleside, Westmorland.

4 thoughts on “Cumberland Day – Tuesday 24th September 2019

  • That’s great, however if only the residents would TRULY love Cumberland instead of the fake ‘Cumbria’ label which so enticed near neighbours Westmorland and Lancashire over The Sands (Furness) into believing that ‘Cumbria’ is theend game since 1974. I weep when I think of say Kendal and all it’s history turningit’s back on Westmorland (Kendal folk LOVE writing Cumbria on their addresses – so so sad) , or Ulverston in Lancashire feverishly decalaring with gusto that that they are Ulverston CUMBRIA , instead of attachment to their REAL county of Lancs! Don’t even mention Sedbergh, which should proud of Yorkshire, yet turned it’s back on the white rose to childishly in my opinion call itself ‘Sedbergh- the CUMBRIAN book town in the Yorkshire Dales’ ie to scream CUMBRIA from the rooftops and kick Yorkshire into touch. Disgraceful and so sad.

    • Ted Heath has a LOT to answer for. Completely unnecessary meddling with our true counties and boundaries. Here in Sunderland, most folk think we’ve always been in a ‘county’ called ‘Tyne and Wear’ (the ignorant beaurocrats were going to call it ‘Tyneside’ – worse still). I had to explain to a 60 year old today we’re still in County Durham, and always will be.

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