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A society dedicated to celebrating and promoting the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom and the important part they play in our culture, heritage and geography.


The county day phenomena continues to gather pace in 2024. May 2024 has seen four county days (so far): Staffordshire Day (Weds 1st May), Surrey Day (Sat 11th May), Somerset Day (Sat 11th May) and Middlesex Day (Thurs 16th May). All four have been the biggest celebrations of these county days yet. Somerset Day in particular is now rivalling Yorkshire Day and Lancashire Day for its reach across the county. We present some highlights from the celebrations. Oh, and we’ve still got Kent Day to come on Sun 26th May and many more county days as the year goes on.

4 thoughts on “County Days Boom in May

    • Wonderful to see. Let’s celebrate our historic counties and all the individual traditions that come with them.

  • Nice to see that the historic counties have their own days. Sadly , far too many people still think the1974 administrative boundary changes are proper counties.Cumbria being a prime example. .

  • As a Yorkshireman;and proud of it; I think its good to see natives of other counties making a stand for their identity. Let’s have more county days and show solidarity in celebrating our differences.

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