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A society dedicated to celebrating and promoting the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom and the important part they play in our culture, heritage and geography.


Derbyshire Day is celebrated each September 22nd, the date on which the Derbyshire flag was launched. In celebration we present our Portrait of Derbyshire , our Map of Derbyshire and some photos from the celebrations on 22nd September 2022.

3 thoughts on “Derbyshire Day – 22nd September 2022

  • Dore and Totley are classed as part of Sheffield but are historically part of Derbyshire. These adminstrative changes occured in the 30s. I like Wikishire which tells you the historic counties these places are in. Wikipedia is a complete shambles . Often getting things wrong.

    • Thanks Ian. ‘Complete shambles’ is possibly the most polite thing one could say about Wikipedia’s treatment of UK geography. I guess that ‘inconsistent’ might be another word which isn’t too strong! Wikishire shows how it should be done as does our own Gazetteer of British Place Names ( to blow our own trumpet).

  • Thank you for your reply..Sadly it is too late now. Too long has passed and too many just readily accept the 1974 changes. 50 years is a long time. It is an older generation thing.

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