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A society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing importance of the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom.

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Derbyshire Day is celebrated each September 22nd, the date on which the Derbyshire flag was launched. In celebration we present our Portrait of Derbyshire , our Map of Derbyshire and some photos from the celebrations on 22nd September 2022.

3 thoughts on “Derbyshire Day – 22nd September 2022

  • Dore and Totley are classed as part of Sheffield but are historically part of Derbyshire. These adminstrative changes occured in the 30s. I like Wikishire which tells you the historic counties these places are in. Wikipedia is a complete shambles . Often getting things wrong.

    • Thanks Ian. ‘Complete shambles’ is possibly the most polite thing one could say about Wikipedia’s treatment of UK geography. I guess that ‘inconsistent’ might be another word which isn’t too strong! Wikishire shows how it should be done as does our own Gazetteer of British Place Names ( to blow our own trumpet).

  • Thank you for your reply..Sadly it is too late now. Too long has passed and too many just readily accept the 1974 changes. 50 years is a long time. It is an older generation thing.

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