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A new online petition Support Historic Somerset – give an appropriate name for Somerset’s newest council is calling for the new unitary council replacing Somerset County Council to be given a name which does not undermine the identity of Somerset itself.

From April 2023, the Somerset County Council area is to become a unitary authority. Despite the fact that it will not cover the whole of the historic county, it has provisionally been given the name ‘Somerset Council’. The petition aims to persuade the decision makers to do something really positive to mark a clear distinction between the county boundary and council boundaries. A positive act to strengthen and protect the integrity of Somerset’s historic boundaries, and give the new council a more appropriate name.

Somerset’s two existing unitary authorities (North Somerset Council and Bath and North East Somerset Council) have names true to their place within the county. The new unitary should also have a name that fits in with these two, and that reflects it’s area within the historic county of Somerset. The most popular alternative name so far is ‘South and West Somerset Council’, but other names could be options.

The petition is non-political, and not anti-the new unitary. It’s simply pro-the REAL County of Somerset. If you love Somerset, please sign and share using the hashtag #OneFlagOneCounty

2 thoughts on “Support Historic Somerset – Give an appropriate name for Somerset’s newest council

  • Almost anything other than unqualified “Somerset” would be appropriate. I would go for “South Somerset” myself. In my opinion this is sufficient – no need for “South and West”: geographically south Somerset includes the west, and the shorter name is less of a mouthful.
    The west of Somerset is certainly not covered by the description “north Somerset” or “Bath and north-east Somerset” so there’s no confusion there.

    • Agree, almost anything other than ‘Somerset Council’! Maybe ‘Southern Somerset Council’, i.e. the adjective ‘southern’ rather than the noun ‘south’. Not sure why! Just makes it sound less precise.

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