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The county flag is a banner of the arms of the former county council but is a rarity in being sufficiently uncomplicated to work well as a flag. The flag is also extremely familiar to the residents of the county being used as an emblem by several local organisations and in 2011 flew outside the DCLG to represent the county.


The design displays the trio of golden wheatsheaves on blue which have been associated with the Earldom of Chester since the late 12th century. It is the same as that known to have been used as the city arms of Chester in 1560 and which can be seen on the bridge at Eastgate, Chester. From 1779 this shield was occasionally used as the Chester Assay Office hallmark.

The ABC secured the support of several local bodies to have this flag registered by the Flag Institute – their endorsement contributed to this aim. The flag was registered by the Flag Institute in April 2013.  (

A facebook page promoting the three wheatsheaves flag has also been established at

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