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    The former Kinross-shire County Council bore arms that depicted Loch Leven Castle and the island in Loch Leven, upon which it is built. This is the castle, shown below, in which Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned and forced to abdicate in 1567 and from which she … Continue reading

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The proposed flag, illustrated by Brady Ells, is his suggestion as a flag for the county based on the quasi coat of arms which featured in the 1933 work Civic Heraldry of England and Wales by C.W Scott-Giles used informally by the Carmarthenshire County Council, prior to … Continue reading

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  One of only three English counties without a registered flag, the above fox and cinquefoil design is now being promoted by a group in the county including a Facebook page here  The design features several elements or charges long associated with the county, reflecting … Continue reading

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West Lothian – Linlithgowshire

The proposal is the work of Brady Ells. It incorporates the earlier golden sun on maroon flag for the Lothian region as a whole devised by Philip Tibbetts – see the post on Midlothian for a fuller background into the Lothian flag. The Patron Saint of … Continue reading

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Midlothian – Edinburghshire

This proposal from Brady Ells is based on Philip Tibbetts’s proposed flag for the Lothian region as a whole . The juxtaposition of the large central sun represents Midlothian between the other two counties in the Lothian region. Lothian is a traditional region of southern Scotland which … Continue reading

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The rather eccentric county of Cromartyshire, comprising 23 separate parcels of land amidst the county of Ross (Ross-shire), is a seventeenth century contrivance formed from the estates of George Mackenzie, sheriff of Cromarty after he gained royal favour. Later ennobled as the Earl of Cromarty, the above armorial … Continue reading

13 February 2014 27 August 2015 2 responses


Philip Tibbetts has created this flag proposal for the county. The blue edging on three sides of the flag represents the peninsular nature of the county, the golden colour within recalling King James VI of Scotland’s quote that the county was fringed with gold. The red … Continue reading

11 February 2014 8 November 2016 2 responses


The crowned red lion passant in Philip Tibbetts’s proposed flag for the county is taken from the Ogilvy family arms   , the original Celtic Earls of Angus – the ancient name of the locality. The lion is placed in the canton of the field reflecting its … Continue reading

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This proposed flag for Aberdeenshire from Philip Tibbetts, features a rampant leopard. Leopards appear as supporters in the civic arms of the city of Aberdeen and a leopard is also the badge of the Aberdeenshire Rugby Football Club the emblem thus has a proven local currency. The colours deployed, blue and yellow, … Continue reading

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         There are several prospective designs for a flag for this county. The first shown is from Philip Tibbetts. In this the four white diamonds represent the archipelago that makes up the county – including Arran, Bute, Cumbraes and Holy Isle – whilst the … Continue reading

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