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Staffordshire county flag.

The Flag Institute has announced today that the design submitted by the Staffordshire Heritage Group is the winner of the online poll to choose a flag for the county. The design, a traditional pattern associated with the county for several centuries, won with 72.84% of the vote. Congratulations … Continue reading


Warwickshire’s flag was registered in August 2016 following a campaign to see the county acquire a registered flag, which gained the support of a dozen county organisations and the sanction of the county’s Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff. The bear and ragged staff have long been associated … Continue reading

31 March 2015 31 August 2016 start the discussion


The Cambridgeshire flag was created by Brady Ells and registered on February 1st 2015, the day it was announced as the winning design in a competition held to select a flag for the county. The competition was organised by adventurer and campaigner Andy Strangeway in … Continue reading


Whilst the county of Bedfordshire has no long standing symbolic tradition, a coat of arms was created for the county council in 1951 which combines the three escallops or shells on a black field from the arms of the Russells, Dukes of Bedford with the … Continue reading

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A Horseshoe has been used to represent the county of Rutland since at least 1784 when the emblem appeared on “A New Map of the Counties of Leicester & Rutland, Drawn from the Latest Authorities” by Thomas Conder, 1784     It seem likely that … Continue reading

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    The former Kinross-shire County Council bore arms that depicted Loch Leven Castle and the island in Loch Leven, upon which it is built. This is the castle, shown below, in which Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned and forced to abdicate in 1567 and from which she … Continue reading

13 April 2014 27 August 2015 start the discussion


The proposed flag, illustrated by Brady Ells, is his suggestion as a flag for the county based on the quasi coat of arms which featured in the 1933 work Civic Heraldry of England and Wales by C.W Scott-Giles used informally by the Carmarthenshire County Council, prior to … Continue reading

19 March 2014 11 July 2016 start the discussion


The two above proposals for Herefordshire are the work of Philip Tibbetts. The red fields represent the red earth of the county as found in the arms of the county council The Y shaped white “pall” on both designs is a pun on the name of … Continue reading

17 March 2014 5 May 2016 start the discussion

Northamptonshire County Flag Competition

The Northamptonshire county flag competition has reached the voting stage with four finalists selected. The four finalists can be viewed at and you can vote for your preference at You may also vote there for a Northamptonshire Day from amongst several options.

25 February 2014 start the discussion


There are several suggested designs for a Leicestershire flag. Several bear similar charges which are used in the county but as there is no anciently defined arrangement a competition will likely be necessary to secure it a flag. The first shown has been devised by Rupert Barnes. It … Continue reading

23 February 2014 15 October 2016 start the discussion

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