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Three gold eagles in fess ( arranged horizontally) on a green field, is a banner of the arms attributed to Owain King of Gwynedd whose kingdom covered most of the present day county. This same pattern of three gold eagles on a green field was mentioned by the seventeenth century poet and historian Michael Drayton as the banner borne by the men of Caernarfonshire at Agincourt. “Those of Caenarvon…Three Golden Eagles in their ensign bought,” The county’s long association with the three eagles was maintained in the design of the arms borne by the later county council where they appeared as a horizontal band across the middle of the shield. The flag, produced by Philip Tibbetts, continues the age old association. It was registered by the Flag Institute in March 2012 after extensive research by the ABC proving the traditional status of the design and a campaign, fronted in the county by Gwyndaf Parri of the Caernarfonshire Association. Read more about this county and its flag at

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