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Monmouthshire’s flag was conceived by Jason Saber as an adaptation of the reputed arms of the Ancient British Kingdom of Gwent, the area of which forms much of the county of Monmouthshire. The Gwent arms are also subsumed in the ecclesiastical arms used by the Diocese of Monmouth, whose area is the same as the county of Monmouthshire. The same pattern was again incorporated into the coat of arms borne by the Monmouthshire County Council from 1948. The noticeably lighter shade of blue in these later council arms are the inspiration for the proposed flag as an ordinary blue is not easily visible from any distance when adjacent to the colour black The detail of the three fleur-de-lis has also been reduced to make the flag simple to construct or draw. The proposed flag thus retains a symbol of ancient and local significance in a fresh and impactful style. It is distinct and different from all other county flags but easy to render and will be familiar to local inhabitants. The flag was designed in accordance with the precepts of good flag design publicised by the Flag Institute and promoted by the Monmouthshire Association for registration as the county flag. It attracted the support of local groups and was brought to the attention of the local county council who also voted to support the flag. It was duly registered as the new county flag of Monmouthshire by the Flag Institute on September 30th 2011. See also

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