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The Pembrokeshire flag was conceived in 1974 by local councillors Peter Stock, Dewi Pritchard, Jim Brock and Marjorie Jacobs, when the accursed local government act appeared to have wiped the county from the map. The flag was defiantly designed and raised to announce that the county still very much existed, Pembrokeshire’s flying flag clearly demonstrating its continued presence. It became popularly accepted and was duly registered on this basis by the Flag Institute. The design is based on the flag of St David (a gold cross on a black background) alluding to the saint’s birthplace, the city of Saint David’s in the county. The blue is also considered to be reminiscent of the sea and the yellow of summer sunshine. The central rose represents the red Tudor Rose, a symbol used by King Henry VII, who founded the Tudor dynasty; a man of both Welsh and English descent who had important links with Pembrokeshire. The green pentagon around the rose symbolises the green fields and cliff-tops of Pembrokeshire. Read more about the flag at

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