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North Riding Flag Competition Launch

News about a flag competition launched today for the North Riding of Yorkshire, initiated by ABC member and adventurer Andy Strangeway.

North Riding Flag Competition Launch

Last year the UK celebrated both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, two major flag waving occasions. Flags are an ancient art form, developed especially to clearly display allegiance and identity. They have subsequently become the premier medium for expressing social pride. Indeed it is difficult to imagine events as diverse as sports matches, military parades or musical festivals without a wide range of flags being flown.

My intention is to establish a North Riding flag via a competition which is open to all, as currently no such flag exists. To do this I will work closely with members of the public, fellow members of the Flag Institute, and those in the media.

A flag for the North Riding will be a free, public symbol for all to use that will:

  • Raise recognition and awareness of the North Riding
  • Express pride in the local community
  • Celebrate the cultural heritage of the North Riding

The Competition

Individuals, schools and other groups are invited to create proposals in-line with the competition terms and conditions (below) and bearing in mind the Flag Institute design guidelines (below).

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 19 February.

An assessment panel will then choose the final set of 6 designs to be put to a public vote. The designs will all be drawn to the same standard.

The vote will be held on this blog, beginning on Wednesday 27 February and finishing on Tuesday 26 March.

The winning flag will be registered in the Flag Institute’s UK Flag Registry. The first North Riding flag will then be taken to the various extreme points of the North Riding boundary by myself and others who would like to join me at various points.

What Should Appear on the Flag?

The North Riding means something different to us all, that is why the flag competition is being held.

Those interested in Heraldry may look towards the colours of the original North Riding coat of arms or you may believe that the Yorkshire rose should be a focal point.

What about the fishing industry,  the Pennines, North Sea, River Tees, North York Moors National Park, Cricket etc? The following is a suggestion which I am sure everyone can improve on.

What should appear on the North Riding flag is the decision of not only those who were blessed to be born and live in the North Riding, but also those who have a love of the North Riding.

For further information please read Flag Design Guidelines NR

Entry Details

To enter please read Terms & Conditions NR

Dates For Your Diary

Regular updates will appear on this blog and in various media.

  1. Wednesday 16 January 2013 – Launch of flag competition.
  2. Tuesday 19 February – Closing date for designs.
  3. Wednesday 20 to Tuesday 26 February – Judging of designs.
  4. Wednesday 27 February – Voting starts to select favourite from 6 finalists.
  5. Tuesday 26 March – Closing date for voting.
  6. Wednesday 3 April – Flag registered with the Flag Institute.
  7. Wednesday 10 April – Flag Ordered.
  8. Wednesday 24 April – North Riding flag announced.
  9. May onwards – The first North Riding flag taken to the 7 extreme points of the North Riding.

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