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Dunbartonshire (Lennox)

A banner of the arms held by the Earl of Lennox, an old Scottish province that included the town of Dumbarton might be a useful basis for a flag for the county. The arms came to be associated with the territory and were accordingly used by … Continue reading

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Merioneth / Meirionnydd (Merionethshire)

              The flag of Merioneth(shire) flag was registered by the Flag Institute on January 2nd 2015, becoming the 37th county flag. It is adapted from the seal used by the former county council This in turn was derived from the … Continue reading

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Three white rampant lions on red were the arms of the Earldom of Ross which were later incorporated into the arms of the county council as a chief, arranged on horizontal axis. This pattern could be incorporated into any potential flag for the county. An alternative novel design can … Continue reading

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Moray(shire) / Elgin

Moray (also known as Elgin) has been associated with arms bearing three white stars (mullions) on a blue field for centuries. This simple pattern was originally borne by the 13th century Andrew de Moray, a local military and political leader during Scotland’s Wars of Independence. The three stars … Continue reading

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The armorial banner of the early arms of the Clan Campbell is a suitable basis for any flag of the county. A family with mediaeval roots in the locality who provided first the Earls and then the Dukes of Argyll. The simple design is a gyronny of … Continue reading

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The Norfolk flag originated as the armorial banner of Ralph (Ranulph) de Gael (de Guader) the first Earl of Norfolk (1071-1075) whose attributed arms were divided yellow and black with a diagonal ermine stripe running from the top left to bottom right corners. The ermine … Continue reading

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