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There is a potential traditional flag for Denbighshire based on the arms of the ancient kingdom of Powys Fadog, see the entry in the section “Proposed flags from traditional county emblems”, however as that is yet another lion banner, this alternative suggestion has been designed … Continue reading

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The proposed flag was devised by Jason Saber and realised by Philip Tibbetts. It combines charges found in the county’s armorial history. The kingdom of Brycheiniog was established in the 5th century by a revered Welsh patriarch named Brychan and survived until its subjugation in … Continue reading

28 January 2014 25 February 2015 start the discussion


One proposed flag for Montgomeryshire is not exactly a novel creation but more a novel use of a traditional emblem, being a banner of the arms of a locally celebrated seventh century hero named Brochwel Ysgithrog famed for his resistance to the invading Saxons. In the mediaeval period … Continue reading

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  The flag of Berkshire was registered in early 2017 as a result of research conducted by the ABC’s Brady Ells. It features the traditional hart (stag) and oak theme associated with the county for several centuries, which appears on the badges, emblems and logos … Continue reading

28 January 2014 7 October 2017 one response


Staffordshire is associated with an emblem of some antiquity, the Stafford Knot This anicent local emblem is present on an artefact amongst the famous Staffordshire Hoard, unearthed in July 2009, suggesting a link with the county of some twelve hundred years! Another early example of the knot is … Continue reading

28 January 2014 29 March 2016 2 responses

East Lothian – Haddingtonshire

  The East Lothian flag was the winning design in a competition held in 2018 to design a flag for East Lothian/Haddingtonshire     Four very similar final designs were selected from over 600 hundred competition entries, by a panel comprising the Lord Lieutenant of … Continue reading

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The proposed flag is the creation of Leonardo Piccioni, who was inspired by various elements used in the arms of local nobility. These include, the Erskine family, (Earls of Mar and Kellie)  and a red saltire on gold taken from the arms of Robert the Bruce One … Continue reading

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This post features a number of proposed flags for the Welsh county of Radnorshire. The flags on here utilise elements found in earlier arms – for a fuller understanding of the background to these designs please see the entry on Radnorshire under the “Proposed Flags … Continue reading

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Before its formal award of arms Denbighshire County Council used a lion rampant as a seal as recorded in Arthur Fox-Davies’s 1894 Book of Public Arms In 1962 the same rampant lion was included in the formal arms granted to the council  Whilst several sources have suggested that … Continue reading

28 January 2014 23 April 2016 start the discussion


Radnorshire is blessed with several symbolic traditions, resulting in the availability of four designs arguably eligible for registration as a traditional flag. On the face of it, it would seem that a variation of the banner of the arms of the Mortimer family might be the obvious … Continue reading

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