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This proposed flag for Aberdeenshire from Philip Tibbetts, features a rampant leopard. Leopards appear as supporters in the civic arms of the city of Aberdeen and a leopard is also the badge of the Aberdeenshire Rugby Football Club the emblem thus has a proven local currency. The colours deployed, blue and yellow, … Continue reading

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         There are several prospective designs for a flag for this county. The first shown is from Philip Tibbetts. In this the four white diamonds represent the archipelago that makes up the county – including Arran, Bute, Cumbraes and Holy Isle – whilst the … Continue reading

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Whilst there is a sound traditional design which could be adapted for use as a county flag (see the Ross-shire item uner the “Proposed flags from traditional county emblems” section here ) Brady Ells has also designed an alternative flag which depicts a stylised wolf head … Continue reading

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Roxburghshire is also known as Teviotdale i.e. the valley of the river Teviot. Its proposed flag from Philip Tebbitts, includes a reference to this with a diagonal, wavy blue stripe, running from lower hoist to upper fly against a white field. This colour arrangement repeats that … Continue reading


Also known locally as “The Mearns”, the proposed flag for the county is inspired by the colours of the arms of the Earls of Kincardine In the canton is a tower to symbolise the ruin of Kincardine Castle, the last trace of the original town and county … Continue reading

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Philip Tibbetts’s proposal for this county features a wavy red and white field, a reference to arms anciently used in the locality of Mentieth which now forms part of the county. Blue and white wavy stripes are a traditional heraldic representation of a water course … Continue reading

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The proposed flag of the county (also known locally as Tweedale) take its inspiration from symbols used by the county town of Peebles in its arms Created by Philip Tibbettts, the proposed flag combines the salmon found there with a vertical blue and white wavy pattern recalling … Continue reading

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The white ship on blue field in Philip’s flag for this county is derived from the symbol of the county as used in the council arms. In the flag, the blue also serves to symbolise the area’s earlier name of Strathgryffe, after the River Gryffe … Continue reading

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The proposed flag for the county has a distinctly Central European feel about it but the design reflects an ancient Roman linkage that makes it a highly appropriate and indeed distinct flag for the county. The coat of arms of the city of Perth featured … Continue reading

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The traditional local name of this locality is “Merse” related to the word marsh, in reference to the local terrain. This is symbolised by the green and white stripes in the proposed flag from Philip Tibbetts. In 1890 the local county council was awarded “canting arms” i.e. arms which … Continue reading

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